Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ministering For The Prison Christmas Fellowship

Missionary Vanessa Saine

The invitations went out and supporters of 
Powerhouse Prison Ministry came.  
We were there to hear 
  Missionary Vanessa Saine
speak the word. 

Also, this would be the day set aside to
raise monies for 
Missionary Vanessa Saine's
Prison Ministry Christmas Fellowship.

Powerhouse Prison Ministry Team

Sis. Shirley Hunt
Missy Shayne Morton
Sis Chris Hill
Bro. Carl Saine
Missy Vanessa Saine
Bro. Tony Matthews
Bro. Osi James Jr.
Sis, Willie Mae Wilson
Bro Marciano Pigram

Chaplain opened with a prayer, and did she pray for all those incarcerated and she fought the fight with the ones of us who are troubled.

Sister Marva Littleton sang a beautiful rendition of 
The Lords Prayer

Powerhouse Prison Ministry 
continues to be a friend and support for our prisoners.
 Special Testimonies
Bro Gerald Wells
Sis. Renada Acoff
Sis Patricia Christopher
Bro Tony Matthews

And we had a Reading from the one wh it all started with 
Marciano Pigram

Bro. James Parker
a retired State Trooper, who also ministers to prisoner, and ones who are troubled,sang a song for us.
My Soul is Anchored in The Lord

As always The Powerhouse Sanctuary Choir 
sang for us.

Missionary Vanessa Saine
gave us the word,
A Personal Relationship 

Remarks and Benediction
was given by 
Pastor Robert Peggs 


Friday, May 24, 2013

PowerHouse Prison Ministries Wants to be Your


Powerhouse Prison Ministries has 365 inmates that we minister to in Tennessee Prisons and jails.  Our inmates may be serving a few years, decades, scores or life, but they are all children of God to us.  We send out a regular newletter to our inmates, as well as make visits to the prison to stay in contact with them. Watch our blog as it grow.  we will be sharing the word of God, testimonials, general information and entertainment.  Stay in contact with us and helo us to support our prisoners, and their faith.



Will be speaking at Powerhouse COGIC
located at 1546 Cane Rd.

7:00 pm

All offerings will go towards her Prison Ministry
Christmas Fellowship

Cane Road is located of Perry Rd.
behind the old Army Depot

Thank you very much !